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Brockworth Swim School - FAQ

Brockworth Swim School - FAQ

Since the launch of Brockworth Swim School Term 2 bookings yesterday afternoon, understandably we have received multiple enquiries with a variety of questions in most case on a relatively similar theme.

Unfortunately, due to the volume and other activities necessary to effectively re-open on Monday 12th April 2021, it’s difficult to get back to everybody individually (via SchoolHire message, web enquiry or requested call back), however we have reviewed all messages to date and have complied the supporting Questions and Answer’s (below) that will very likely relate to a query you may have.

If you have an unanswered questions please call us at Brockworth Sports Centre on 01452 864796 to discuss further.


When does the new term begin – Term 2?

The new term will begin week commencing on the 19th April, 2021. Any new bookings will give you an itinerary of the stage, dates and times you selected in your account. We are unable to confirm at this time the swim teacher who will be providing lessons for your child.

If you are unable to attend the stage, dates and times available or all places have been booked, we are unable to hold your child’s place. However, we will be in contact with customers who previously missed out providing them with a “priority window” to rebook their child once we are able to offer additional sessions.  

Please note, we offer a 5% discount for sibling bookings on a single School Hire account. Once the renewal process has run it’s course from week commencing 19th April 2021, we will review all bookings for Swim School and apply the 5% discount if applicable (you will receive a refund accordingly).

We are only accepting bookings for existing customers of Swim School at this time. New customer will need to complete the “New Customer Enrolment Form” located on our website, and we will be in contact with them when there are available spaces.

Therefore, swimming assessments will not be available at this time (we will be in contact in due course).


When is the last week of the current term (Term 1) and will it be the original time and date?

The final week of the current term will re-launch week commencing on the 12th April, 2021. All booking information on the day and time of your originally booked will be the same, unless you have received specific communication from us to the contrary *. You can find your original bookings by logging on to your School Hire account at

Please note, there are NO outstanding swimming lessons or refunds for children on our Swim School programme following completion of Week 12 of Term 1 on Saturday 16th April 2021. All 12 Lessons for Term 1 will have been completed accordingly. If you did not attend a swimming lesson during Term 1 (for whatever reason), these sessions are non-refundable.

*If we have notified you that Week 12 of Term 1 has be cancelled, please refer to your account for details of the child’s lessons that have been cancelled and refund applied.


Where can I make a booking for Swim School Term 2?

***We do not take bookings via email or telephone. All bookings and payments are via School Hire ONLY***

- If you go on the following website

- Then click “Swimming Lessons”

- Then select your child’s CURRENT ability (i.e. Stage 1) by selecting “CHOOSE ACTIVITY”.

- Then select a day and time you wish to attend, adding your child’s details and continue with the payment process by “ADD ACTIVITY TO BASKET”.

You will be required to log into your School Hire account at some point to process your booking.


On the calendar of my booking, I’ve selected April but why is it coming up as December 2020 once I get a confirmation?

Please ignore this as this is a technical fault. Rest assured that once you select the day and time you required, it will be day/time you have booked – please refer to the itinerary for full details of your booking. We have notified School Hire and we are hoping to address this technical fault over the next few days.


Can my child move up a stage when I book them on for the next term (Term 2)?

Due to a prolonged absence of swimming, we encourage all participants to restart their swimming lessons at their current stage at this time. But, as we continue to run ‘ongoing assessments’, your child can move up anytime in the programme once their teacher feels they are ready to do so.  We will be reviewing all children after the initial 6-weeks of the new term and will be in contact with you should we feel your child is ready to progress. 

Please note, due to the huge gap between swimming lessons, naturally we are unable to answer any questions regarding your child’s current progress.


Can I purchase a certificate and badge?

These are not available at present. However we will communicate accordingly once we are in a position to relaunch. In the meantime, you can use the “My Learn to Swim” app which the link can be found on our webpage.


My original time and day is not available, will this change?

From our previous communications, we are currently running a reduced Swim School programme due to staff shortages. Once we are in the position to supply more swimming lessons, we will notify all of our existing customers, and if they will to change day/time to a more convenient session they can do so.


What are the social distancing measures?

Like before, we will be following strict social distancing measures to protect our staff and customers. Please review and familiarise yourself with the “Brockworth Swim School Social Distancing Guidelines”. It’s essential that you follow these guidelines whilst attending the Sports Centre and dropping / collecting your children from their swimming lessons. Please note, changing rooms are still unavailable and no spectators will be permitted on poolside (or within the facility) in line with current government guidance.


We hope that this recent FAQ has become valuable.