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Brockworth Junior Swim Masters

Swimming can play a key part in maintaining a long and healthy lifestyle. The Brockworth Junior Swim Masters is perfect for anyone aged 17 years and below who wants to continue their training in a non-competitive environment.

Our sessions are led by our fully qualified swim teachers that structure each training day to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. These sessions are a chance to improve skills and offer strengthening and conditioning to all of master swimmers. This is the perfect programme to keep young adults in an active lifestyle whilst meeting new people and making friends along the way.

Stages/Duration Prices 

Brockworth Junior Swim Masters

(1 hour sessions)


To help you in your training, we offer a wide range of swimming equipment and accessories from goggles to swim hats. All of our items are from the leading swim equipment supplier:


Visit reception for more details of our products.

To enquire and enrol for our swim programme, please click on the link or contact us for more information. Please be aware that we might invite you/ your child for an assessment, depending on age and current ability, prior to the commencement of the programme.